Saturday, September 24, 2011

I HATE Breast Cancer!

I am sharing this from Abby Johnson's blog. I agree with her view completely.
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Pink ribbons are cute. They have become very trendy. Everyone has caught on to them, too. A couple of airlines wear pink during October…some yogurt companies have pink ribbons on their merchandise…everyone is doing it. Well, not me.

I hate breast cancer. I REALLY hate it. Breast cancer stole one of the most important people in my life from me…my father’s twin sister…my aunt. Both of my grandmothers had breast cancer. My cousin died of breast cancer. Breast cancer is like a terrible virus that keeps sweeping through my family. And like all virus’, you can’t get rid of them; they keep coming back.

My aunt was an amazing person. She never met a stranger. She loved everyone. And, she was pro-life. She LOVED babies. She was one of the most precious people I have ever known. I watched her battle this terrible disease for 9 years. There were ups and downs…but she never gave up. She fought, sometimes with hair, sometimes without. She lost her breasts. She had multiple surgeries. She was always hopeful. Every day was a gift. Her life was a gift.

Now, I know there is lots of debate about the link between abortion and breast cancer. And to be honest, I am not convinced either way. I am not a scientist, but I love research. I know that for every study that shows a link, I can find one or two that shows there is no link. I just can’t simply prove that to be fact.

But here is a fact…Susan G. Komen gave $700,000 in grant money to Planned Parenthood last year. Susan G. Komen is the largest breast cancer research group. Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in our country. Hmmm…why would those two groups be partnering together?

Komen says they give this money to Planned Parenthood so women living in rural areas will have access to mammogram services. Really?? Well, here’s the truth about that.


Why? Because they can’t. Planned Parenthood is a level one breast service provider. What does that mean? It simply means that Planned Parenthood clinics are ONLY allowed to provide manual breast exams. You know, the kind you do in the shower. The kind you can get from any nurse or physician in any clinic. They cannot provide any sort of diagnostic services…no biopsies, no breast ultrasounds, AND no mammograms. That is the truth. That is a FACT.

Komen contributes in a very large way to the murder of over 320,000 babies each year. Those pink ribbons don’t seem so cute anymore. Komen pays big bucks to make the “pink ribbon” theirs. You may think the pink ribbon stands for breast cancer awareness. That’s not what Komen thinks…they believe they own it…and they pay for it.

I hear people say, “Well, until breast cancer has affected your family, don’t tell me not to support Komen.” Well, it has affected my family. It has affected us greatly. And I stand against Komen.

And let me say something else very clearly. My aunt valued life very much. But she did not value her life more than the life of any child. She would have given up her life to know that a baby would be saved. For those that continue to support Komen because this disease has affected you or someone you love…this is what you are saying…you are willing to sacrifice the lives of the unborn for your own. If you are comfortable with that, then keep donating to Komen. I hope you are not. I hope you will do the right thing. I will you will stand against this phony organization. Any good they do is blackened by the killing they support. And if you do stand against them, tell them. Don’t just take away your support, let them know. Send an email to your friend’s list. Post it on your facebook page. Post the letter that you will send so your friends can copy yours and send one as well. Send a letter to your newspaper. Tell everyone you know. Be an activist. Make your voice heard. Don’t think that Komen doesn’t care…they do. They care very much. Komen needs to keep up their good reputation. Don’t let that happen. Expose them for what they are.

Over 320,000 babies EVERY year. Our voice is worth it. No more pink ribbons in my home. My aunt’s memory is worth more than that…I can’t wrap her life up in a ribbon…especially when that ribbon pays for the murder of children.


  1. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for sharing this today. You stole my thoughts, I was wanting to share something along these lines but didn't know what. I am hardly on Facebook anymore, but I am going to share this to my facebook, because people need to see this stuff.

    Thank. You. Debi.

  2. The truth about Komen and Planned Parenthood. Someone who just didn't pass along something that wasn't true but clicked the footnotes and did research, Editor of the diocesan newspaper has the article on page 10, also quote the Bishop of the diocese who did independent research on the subject.

    Here are the 2011 recipients in mid-Kansas:

    As you can see, 20 of 122 of the affiliates do provide funds that cover the recipients portion of the service specifically related to breast health. Specific independent affiliates and not in Kansas (PTL!).

  3. Thanks, Matt! Although the first article you posted is ONLY about one city in Louisiana, the second link DID provide the information that we need to have. So as long as the KDHE does not give any funding to PP, no money from anyone who participates in the city of Wichita's Race for the Cure, goes directly or indirectly to aid the funding of abortions. My concern then is this: Since we know that 20 out of the 122 affiliates DO receive funding for Planned Parenthood does that make us "guilty by association".... in so much as this:...I decide to run in a "Race for the Cure", my cousin who lives in another city is inspired by my stellar ethics and decides to run also in her city...who does give $$ to PP. I'm sorry, but I can't willing support an organization that in some way funds abortion....even if they don't locally. In that first article it claims that only the funds that go to Planned Parenthood provides breast can that be when they are not qualified to do more than level 1 breast care?? This level of care is available at ANY facility that provides medical treatment...including free services for the low income. I DON'T TRUST PLANNED PARENTHOOD even if they claim those funds help women. I don't think it's good to give them ANY funding.
    They DO more HARM than good. Please feel free to point out the errors of my moral logic.

  4. Debi, interesting blog post today! I have not done a lot of research in this area, so I can't disagree with you nor is there an error to moral logic that I can see! But you raised a couple of questions that I could offer answers to. The Komen Foundation can ONLY offer funding to non-profit entities, and many clinics, particularly in economically challenged areas and/or rural spaces, are for-profit, and therefore ineligible to receive Komen funding regardless of the level of breast care they may provide. It is in these places where there is no other alternative that Komen has given funds to PP, with the full awareness that these clinics offer level one care. Women who use PP clinics might not go elsewhere and a simple screening is better than nothing, using Komen's logic. It is also determined that women using PP may be at increased risk for cancer for a variety of reasons, economics being one of them, as breast cancer rates do not seem to be changing with awareness in some populations. However, it is adamantly specified that the funding ONLY support the level one breast care and in no way can support any other clinic services. Komen will immediately pull funding if any violation is uncovered. Furthermore, through these non-profit clinics (which only provide level one care), a grant may be obtained for a patient who needs a higher level of care. It can be used ONLY for further breast-related treatment when it is deemed necessary. This information is widely available and is on the Komen website as well:

    Hope that helps?? :)

  5. Yeah, Danielle, I saw that. I appreciate your feedback, thank you.
    Here's my problem with what I read from the Komen site: I find it very hard to believe that only PP facilities exist in these so called "rural" areas and that they have no other choice. It reminds me of the argument strangely enough for the case of rape and incest which account to less than 1% of all pregnancies.

    If we give funds to PP, we are supporting abortion, that is the primary service they offer. We can't justify it...a child's life is not less important than the life of it's mother. I DO believe Abby when she says that this funding goes into a general account she responded on her blog to someone who raised a similar argument. Who would know better than a former director of Planned Parenthood? Even if the money only goes to paying for the "breast services", this still promotes the existance of Planned Parenthood, whose primary goal is abortion. I feel for my conscience that I can NOT justify allowing my personal donation to go to Planned Parenthood.

    "Nothing can be more dangerous than keeping wicked companions. They communicate the infection of their vices to all who associate with them."
    St. John Baptiste de la Salle

    Danielle, have you ever heard of Lila Rose??

  6. Debi, I wasn't arguing your stance at all; I'm sorry if my comment came off that way! I just didn't know if you'd read some of the information on the Komen website, as the questions you raised sounded as though you had not. I definitely cannot say whether or not there are alternative non-profit organizations that Komen could use rather than PP in some remote areas; I was taking their own words at face value. Yes, I know who Lila Rose is :)

  7. Debi,

    In terms of the donations that do go to Planned Parenthood, I don't know and have not looked into the situations of those 20 or 22 affiliates of the national Komen that do provide funds to PP and why they do and if other alternatives are available.

    The problem isn't with your logic, it is with your information, which I am sad to say, has included what I see as misinformation being provided by well-intentioned people.

    Komen is portrayed as a monolithic entity, in reality it isn't. It is more like La Leche League, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, or any other organization that has a national brand but many independent affiliates that provide the brand. It is disgraceful for people to say that because an affiliate over in that part of the world does something questionable that the affiliate here is just as guilty and unworthy of support as the one that is perpetrating the evil. It is a form of guilt by association.

    How can this be remedied and the concern about someone being inspired by your participation here and then they end up participating in that location that does bad things? Well, let's start by spreading the facts. Let people know that you are supporting a particular affiliate and proudly say it is because they don't support planned parenthood, send letters to national and local affiliates and let them know you appreciate that stand. Make it known. We should only refer to Komen if it is in reference to the national organization, the races are put on by independents and they should be noted and stated as being distinct. PWhen you do the race, make sure people know that their affiliate may support institutions that provide abortions and to check the local website. I think it would be cool if we got people who want to donate to Komen but don't because of the planned parenthood connection sent money to an affiliate that doesn't and wrote the local one and let them know that they sent their money to a different affiliate or organization because of the affiliation. Contact your local Bishop/pro-life group and ask them to start a clinic or have an existing clinic apply for and get the grant money.

    The point is that we, as pro-lifers, need to make our objection clear . . those 22 affiliates and not these other 100. If we just lump them together we aren't being correct and our statement is untrue.

    As to Abby on her blog talking about general funds. The spending of the funds is audited and that information has to be turned over to Komen national. If her local planned parenthood and local Komen colluded to make the money be used for other than what it was intended, she may have committed a federal crime if donations crossed state lines by allowing fraudulent financial statements in regards to tax-exempt donations. I am just glad that locally they don't support Planned Parenthood and I will continue to let them know I am proud of them for doing so and hope that we can get enough inertia to do what HLI did with Target and make it nationwide non-supporting, each affiliate.

  8. Matt, I agree. We do need to make changes and write letters, our voices DO make a difference. I too am glad to learn that locally, donations do not go to PP.
    Also, I have a problem with Girl Scouts which I won't re-open here...just saying that there are problems with some of these National organizations.

    I really don't see how this is misinformation?
    Do we really know that Abby's location did or did not put funds from Komen in the general account?? No.
    Does Komen give $$ to Planned Parenthood?
    That's pretty much the point of this article.
    Although, I am very thankful to know that Wichita donations do not go to PP...and for that, Matt, I thank you for the information!

    I will also side with religious authority that recommend not pariticpating/donating to Komen but to give to other Cancer research organizations that don't give to PP.
    Komen isn't the only one. Yes, it's very well-known and they have done an EXCELLENT job getting the word out. The comaradarie that exists between survivors and supporters is truly beautiful. I would love to be able to support Komen someday if they can change that one vice.

    I still think it's way wrong to give any funding to's still supporting an organization that is in the business of murder. That is their primary mission. We can never justify giving them any money because the fact that their doors stay open is a danger to the unborn. The ends do not justify the means.

  9. Amen. This is the kind of information that will ultimately convince Komen to break ties with PP, and if they won't, then they are not worthy of donations. The incredible irony in all of this is that any breast cancer foundation would give to an organization which is built around a procedure known to increase the risk of breast cancer! Crazy, mixed-up world.

  10. The larger problem here is that you are viewing Komen as a single monolithic entity that directs from the top down. Don't give to the 20 some odd affiliates that deal with PP -- the other 100 affiliates and the national organization DON'T have the connection. I would say that if you do donate elsewhere because the local affiliate supports Planned Parenthood then it would behoove people to write letters.

    The situation that you run into with any national organization that has smaller parts that are a separate but affiliated, like Boy Scouts, is that the locals can each carry out the mission a bit different. One troop at a methodist church can do a service project benefiting the local planned parenthood and another troop at the local Catholic Church can do one supporting the local Crisis Pregnancy center. Should you not support your local troop painting the crisis pregnancy center because the larger organization has another independent affiliate that supported Planned Parenthood?

    Komen of Central Colorado (or is it Rocky Mountain) gives to Planned Parenthood but they are a separate entity from mid-Kansas, different board and all. Not saying everyone has to give to Komen but when we lump the different groups together we are doing a large injustice to them.

    When I talk about misinformation when people say Komen, lumping over a hundred separate entities together, say they support Planned Parenthood and people assume that every dollar that goes into a Race for the Cure has a portion that goes into the Race for the Cure. The reality is that almost all of the separate entities don't. Just like most Scout Troops don't fund-raise for Planned Parenthood. The other point of misinformation was in regards to stem cells. It was often claimed that they supported Fetal Stem Cell research and their was a footnote. I actually went and looked at the link and it was an article about Adult and Fetal stem cell research that was being done but it didn't have a policy position one way or the other. Often we see things that have footnotes and claims and just pass them on thinking that they are right. With Komen,I have been doing homework and seeing what is provable and what isn't and what they have as policy in regards to their donations.

    We should be targeting the individual groups that donate to Komen (1/6th of the total groups) and not the organization as a whole.

  11. Matt, first of all, Komen should be proud to have such passionate supporter such as yourself.

    Your comparison between Boy Scouts of America and Komen is poor at best.

    Boy Scouts' primary goal isn't fundraising.
    Boy Scouts is not regulated in the same manner.
    Boy Scouts has NO known affiliation with Planned Parenthood.

    We DO have knowledge that Komen's 22 affiliates DO provide funding to Planned Parenthood.

    You keep downplaying that ONLY a 6th of their affiliates support Planned Parenthood.

    Matt, that is HUGE!!

    Komen CAN mandate that absolutely NO affiliates provide funding to Planned Parenthood. They don't. They allow it. Of course, we SHOULD be targeting Komen as a whole...Komen HAS the authority to stop funding to Planned Parenthood.

    Do you not see that this IS a cooperation with evil???

    Your comparison is likened to saying that possibly there is a McDonald's employee who gives 10% of their paycheck to support Planned Parenthood, should we then boycott all McDonald's franchises???? This spiral logic doesn't hold water.

    Ok, I don't recall EVER mentioning stem cells???
    So, I am not going to address that.

    I wish to leave any readers still following this post with 2 alternatives to donate funds to help fight the good fight against breast cancer:

    The Breast Cancer Prevention Institute
    30 Rehill Avenue, Suite 3400
    Somerville, NJ 08876 USA

    Coalition on Abortion / Breast Cancer
    P.O. Box 957133
    Hoffman Estates, IL 60195-3051

  12. CORRECTION: The following should read:

    "We DO have knowledge that 20 affiliates DO
    provide funding to Planned Parenthood."