Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Hannah and Eli made these Paschal or Easter candles today at simple yet a great way to learn about an element of our faith and Mass. Hannah wasn't thrilled to have her picture taken...can you tell??

The A symbol is for the Alpha Greek symbol meaning the beginning, the U-like symbol on the bottom is Omega- means the end. The cross is for Jesus, the 5 marks on the cross are for the 5 wounds of Christ. The numbers are for the current year meaning that God is of all times. This was so easy, draw a flame cut it out, glue it to the rolled up cardstock stapled candle..simple and quick!

Charlie is the first 2 year old we have had that can ride a bike..with training wheels, he has to stand up to pedal sometimes, but he is so funny how coordinated he is...cracks us up, he isn't afraid of anything!

The "clubhouse", the kids drug out a piece of carpet and put it in front of the trash area behind the house, they gather here to hang out.


  1. what a great 'craft'! It wasn't until just a few years ago that I really understood what the Easter candle was about. I'm sure this activity will help your kids understand it better and sooner than I did :)
    Yay on the bike riding! And I like how they made a little space for themselves-now where's your hide out?

  2. the bathtub, Erika, but I usually get invaded upon a few times;)

  3. I LOVE this craft! It is filed away in my Easter folder for next year! Simple. Easy. Not messy. That is MY kind of craft!