Saturday, May 28, 2011

Girls Scouts and Planned Parenthood

I was reading Abby Johnson's blog this morning and found an aritcle about GSA's connection to Planned Parenthood. I knew there was a feminist agenda, but I had no idea it was this bad!!! Check out this website to learn more about it I know I for one will never allow Hannah to participate. Oh how I will miss Thin Mints!!! My stomach may not be happy but my soul will be, by not supporting abortion.


  1. I read somewhere (I haven't read your link yet!) that not all Girl Scout Troops give money to Planned Parenthood. So, it may be that the troop in your area doesn't. Check it out before you give up those thin mints!

  2. Mary, the problem lies with National.

  3. I just linked a similar article and asked what others thought about this on my FB the other day. I didn't know Abby had a blog! How exciting. It is at National, which means a portion of all the money troops make will go there, like for the cookies :(
    It's more surprising to me though how many people will ignore this inconvenient truth...well maybe not surprise but more like disapoint. Good for you Debi for saying no. "As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord"
    We did Little Seedlings this year and will do Little Flowers next and its nice to have an 'alternative'.

  4. Just because your individual troop does not support PP is not an excuse for pro-life families to continue support GS. By our membership fees, and purchase of books, uniforms, and badges, you support the national organization who is promoting PP to girls. Cookies sales support national as well as the bakers pay a licensing fee to GSUSA. And your membership fee to GSUSA triggers a quota to WAGGGS (the GS international organization) who has an agenda to bring sexual rights and accessible birth control and abortion to our youth worldwide. Is it inconvenient to find an alternative? Maybe. Is it worth it? ... yes. Also see to the many pro-abortion websites and materials being promoted in the new GSUSA Journeys series.