Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bike Trails

Arkansas River Path just east of the Keeper of the Plains

We have been blazing the Bike Trails on the West side of Wichita, and it's been a blast! We have explored all along both sides of the river, coasted by Cowtown, Keeper of the Plains, Exploration Place, the zoo, Sedgwick County Park, over, under, and across bridges, and Riverside. We started out taking 1-2 mile rides, and at the time, even that seemed grueling. Now, we are up to 7 miles, which by most cyclists standards is laughable, but with our brood of 8, it's great!! It's crazy how much I look forward to our evening adventures, if we have to miss a ride, we're all a little stir crazy. Our goal is to ride up to 12 miles...that's the size of Hilton Head Island. I am especially proud of Hannah and Eli, who had to get off their bikes a few times when we started, usually at the top of hills and nearing the end of our rides due to tired legs...they are now super troopers and have plenty of energy to finish and then some. The hero of us all, by far, is Don! He carries Benny on a bike seat and hauls Charlie in the trailer. Because of the design of our bikes, mine doesn't work for the the seat and maybe in I get into shape, hopefully, I will be able to haul the trailer. It's certainly been a great family activity.


  1. AWESOME!!! You guys are rock-stars! We don't own bikes, and they wouldn't be too practical with our young family anyways, but we do evening walks sometimes and I LOVE those. I know what you mean about looking forward to it all day. It's the little things in life for sure. I really enjoyed this post. Way to go!!

  2. Great post Debi, those bike trails look awesome! We don't have bikes but after dinner walks would be a great idea. Thanks for sharing this!