Sunday, May 22, 2011

Switch & Save

A few moments surfing the web and on the phone this week, will save our family $1,116.00 a year.  We lowered our rates on our car insurance by half  with the same amount of coverage and we switched our phone service to Vonage keeping our same phone number and with the same benefits which saved us 75% on our regular monthly phone bill. Guess what we are going to do with the savings?? What do you do to save money on your monthly bills??


  1. Oh man I wish I would have known you were thinking of Vonage, we could have referred you! Oh well, I'm glad you know about it too.
    I'm not sure how we save on montly bills...try to limit the amount of bills we have by not buying things we don't need, the only bills we really have are for utilities and insurance and the house and cars. We keep wanting to get some new kitchen countertops but that would mean another just saying no not now but maybe later is one way for us.

  2. Erika, I wish I would have known! Btw..I have been trying to leave comments on your blog and it won't let me! It keeps popping up an error message telling me that I'm not the bellamariamom user?? Anyway, I hope you check back here to see this message because I really liked your rosary post and love the macadamia color you picked for your living room!! And I totally understand when you pick out a color and take it home put it on the wall and SHOCK CITY!! When we first chose a blue color for our looked like smurf-blood up there...imagine that! Anyway, I think you made a good choice!!

  3. Smurf blood, PWAHAHAHAHAHA, that made me laugh (sorry)!