Friday, May 6, 2011

Summer Hair

When I was growing up every summer I HAD to get my haircut. I begged, cried, and pleaded with my Mom not to get a hairectomy. I had no every summer I sported a botched up crop mop. I looked just like my 3 brothers. Ironically, I beg and beg Hannah not to MAKE me cut her hair every Summer...but she does until I give in and cut away. Here she is happy as a mop with the job only half done! 

Since we are talking about Hannah anyway, here is her vegetable garden all ready to be transplanted. She bought the seeds herself and marked each of the cups and takes care of them everyday...she was born to nurture!!
One last little tidbit, we won the Sanford & Sons family award for the crappiest lawn and to further enhance our distinction, Don has added a rope with a loop for the kids to "swing" on. I hope the neighbors don't think that crazy lady with the 6 kids finally lost it completely and decided to put up a noose!
Truthfully, it won't look like this forever, but as long as we have a bobcat and wheelbarrows trucking through the yard, we can't seed. And the backyard is off limits until safety makes a visit back there!


  1. Cute hair! Don't worry unless you have a few broken down cars in the front yard you should be ok!

  2. That's so funny Hannah likes to get her hair cut, I would do that too, I just loved having short summer hair! She looks beautiful :)