Friday, May 27, 2011

Pretty Thrift

One of the most challenging things about living on a budget is unexpected occasions. We received an invitation from my cousin for her little girl's 1st birthday party. We are so excited to go!! The kids absolutely adore her and it's such an honor to be included! We have tweaked our budget to allow for miscellaneous items and that has helped a great deal, but we had to use those funds earlier in the week. Don and I came up with a plan. We went through the house and found some kids items from when Noah was a baby and took them to Kid to Kid hoping they would purchase them. I was thrilled they accepted them!! The ladies were very polite... whew!  We had enough money to buy the birthday girl an adorable outfit, a matching bow for her hair, and a wonderful action book that her kitty loving family will hopefully enjoy with her. The cool thing is Kid to Kid has a return policy, she can return them if they aren't the right size or style. I don't normally buy used items for gifts, but I know my cousin is a thrifty garage sale gal herself, so I knew she wouldn't mind and it's doubtful this outfit was worn, it's in pristine condition. 

 There was enough left over to buy my 2 littles four clean t-shirts that I won't be embarassed to take them out of the house in! Also, we were even able to grab a quick lunch out. Thanks Kid to Kid!!

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