Wednesday, May 25, 2011

5 Minute Summer School

Today is our first day of SUMMER!!! School is out!!! Wahoo!!! I don't know who is more excited me or the kids!!
It seems every summer the kids seem to take a few steps back academically over the vacation. -AND- It takes longer to get the motor running after we start back up in the fall. I decided that hopefully with a little planning, we can at least partially avoid it.
We started 5 minute school today...the kids were actually excited and relieved that it actually only last 5 minutes. I took into consideration the struggles that we had during the school year and how to improve. Across the board, all the kids have fallen away from doing any time quick mathematical calculation has decreased, handwriting also has been forgotten at least in the cursive department and for Eli it's a chance to improve on printing.
Here's the schedule:
  1. Timed tests, today we printed off multiplication tests from here.
  2. Cursive and printing worksheets from here.                               
  3. Bonus..I just have the kids answer different questions or problems.
Also, although the library programs are great, the kids need an extra nudge to encourage reading this summer, so we have instituted the "Wii for Reading" program. For each certain # of pages read they will be given a Wii minute, such as 5 pages for 1 minute to be redeemed in 30 minute increments. Previously, Wii was only allowed from 8AM-Noon on Saturdays. So this is a BIG treat for the kids. We will go to the library once a week and also go to school lunch that day as well. It may seem redundant reading all my 5 minute posts, but I have learned that this really helps me stay focused and not become overwhelmed and taking these little baby steps is such an easy commitment...Hey, it's only 5 minutes, right?

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