Friday, May 27, 2011

Cox Farms

My friend, told me about Cox Farms and their AMAZING deals!!! Today you can get heads of lettuce for 25 cents each, baby carrots 1lb bag for 15 cents, and cherries for $2.49 a pound. Sign up to be a subscriber here . The address is 6059 S. Seneca. They have lots of other deals, like russet potatoes for $1.99 a 10lb. bag and green beans .99 cents a lb.  


  1. I am having some trouble posting so I apologize if my comment has shown up like 5 times. Anyways...

    This is Erin from Dave Ramsey class. I stumbled upon your blog while I was visiting Monica's blog. (we went to highschool together) Small world, but I am so happy to find your blog and will add it to my list of blogs to check daily :)

  2. Hey Erin!! The "friend" I was referring to was YOU!! Thanks for telling us about Cox Farms...we plan to check it out. One thing that has been so hard is planning menus with the prices of produce. Have you thought about doing a blog, Erin??

  3. Ha, I was wondering if you were talking about me! I got that same email from Cox, but I haven't went yet. Another good deal though! I have thought about starting a blog, but I don't think I probably will. I do much better at just reading other people's. :)