Thursday, June 17, 2010

Seas VBS...Awesome!

Hannah and Eli and for a short time, Benny have been loving SEAS' Vacation Bible School this week. I am impressed with how much they remember about the saints. It seems like a well organized and excellently executed program. Eli's favorite lesson was using a glass, penny, paper towel and water how our souls(penny) use grace(water) to get to Heaven(the glass) and how sin(paper towel) can be dissolved by grace and hope(water). Today they learned about St. Nicholas and even got to experience the beloved leaving out the shoe tradition complete with a treat. It's great to see a Catholic VBS....the first I've seen.


  1. I thought I saw you kiddos there this week. I'm helping in the daycare area for the younger children of the volunteers. I'm glad to hear your kids are enjoying it. Be sure to pass that compliment on to the powers that be! I'm sure they'd love to hear how well received the program is with your kids :)

  2. I missed out on the sign up but honestly felt too overwhelmed at the time but may try it next year. Yes, do tell especially Shelly how much you liked it as I know she was really hoping this would be a good way to bring the Catholics a VBS of their own!