Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Leaving SEAS...Invoking St. Joseph....Bittersweet

We participated in our "last Mass" this past Sunday and even though we will have some involvement still in the parish, it was still very sad . We were blessed to have 3 children baptized and 3 children receive their 1st Holy Communion at SEAS over the past 9 years, and those are memories that we will always hold dear. SEAS will always have a special place in our hearts. I have learned so much and have been so inspired by the wonderful friends we have made and will hopefully forever keep. Goodbye St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish, we will indeed miss you and all the beautiful people that we consider family! It is bittersweet because we will be rejoining our previous parish, St. Patrick's. I received almost all my sacraments there... 1st Reconciliation,1st Communion, Confirmation, and Matrimony. (Baptized in Michigan) 3 of our children were baptized there as well. So we are looking forward to coming home.....again. It's such a strange mixture of emotions...(sniff, sniff)

As of tonight, we officially signed with a Realtor to sell our home. We also have heard from many people that burying St. Joseph helped to sell their homes, so we buried St. Joseph tonight and prayed for his intercession in selling our home. St. Joseph, pray for us!!

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