Thursday, January 31, 2013

Journal 1-31-2013

 Out My Window: Grey and Cold

What's Happening Right Now: Older kids are doing Math, Gregory is sleeping, Benny and Charlie are in the bathroom...I should probably check on right back!
From the Kitchen: Don ate the mystery meat that's been in the freezer for months, and survived. I have been baking "thank you" and "I love you" treats for muffins, snicker-doodle cookies, oatmeal and coconut cookies and bierocks.

Crafting: Remember our DIY Disaster? Andy Hermann, who produces  The Down and Dirty radio/video hybrid show( hosted by Frank Fontana formerly of HGTV's Design on a Dime, emailed after seeing my post, and wants to interview Don about it next Wednesday 2/6 at 11:40 AM....should be interesting;) Sorry, no other craft is happening.

Little Chicks: Benny wrote the word, MOM, showed it to me and told me it was his favorite word....Melt.
Charlie has had a thing for tape lately, he carries it around and tries to "fix" things.
Gregory has been drooling up a storm, using his hands more and hasn't pooped for days...I lay awake worrying about this at night. Hannah is Gregory's second mother, if ever I need anything, she is more than willing to take over...she even changes diapers! Jonah received a video camera for his 14th birthday and has been making movies with the neighbors and siblings, his latest film is called, "The Great Baseball Robbery", I'm still trying to figure out why it contains scenes with light sabers and swords. Elijah has a cross gallery above his bed of the extra crosses and crucifixes that hadn't yet been used around the house.  Noah is preparing to receive Confirmation in May and loves his classes at St. Pat's.
In the Garden: I have been preparing seedlings in the kitchen for Catechesis of the Good Shepherd presentation coming up, I hope they take root.

What Brought Me Joy: Receiving a cold care kit in the mail, Gregory's starting chuckles, Playing Bible Trivia at dinnertime, doing the Rohr Spew anabolic exercise routine, connecting with a new friend, eating Pumpkin Treat, and hugs at bedtime from little(and BIG) blessings.
Thanks for the journal inspiration, Blog are so awesome!


  1. Yay for journaling!
    I love the great update! Your kids are growing up! I'd love to see Noah's movie...sounds very interesting! I too would like to know how light sabers are part of it.
    How cool getting that cold car kit - someone else blogged about that recently, a neat and very thoughtful idea!

    oh and how cool is THAT that someone wants to interview you on the DIY project! HOw did they find you guys?

  2. Erika, I guess they probably just search blog posts with DIY titles or something?? I don't's the first time anything like that happened.