Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Faves

When Christmas shopping either online or at the store, you never quite know if the kids will actually play with their gifts...out of some of the flops I chose, here are a few that the kids love.

Noah: Buzzbee double shot gun it's like Nerf brand that shoots foam darts, he loves that the shells eject after me it looks like the gun is pooping...but he really enjoys it.
Jonah requested a SD Card so he could make more movies using his 3DS that he saved up and bought using lawn mowing income and funeral and wedding serving stipends.
Hannah received a Fashion Angels makeup and hair sketchbook, we enjoy creating designs together. She is planning to purchase the interior design sketchbook next. This was from her Great Aunt and Uncle.
Eli had been pining for a Razor scooter...all the older kids in the family already had one, the Razor rides much smoother than other brands.

Benny is always in need of a good activity, as he has an unlimited amount of energy.
Lincoln Logs fill that need very nicely!

Charlie is blessed with a booming set of lungs, so to go with them, Santa chose the perfect toy, a digital guitar. He likes to take it with us on errands and serenade strangers.
LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar

Gregory loves his new sherpa lined blankie! A gift from Manga!

Now, I hope all the kids liked this last gift the best....Floors for the Poor. This totally awesome program is run by people we know of(the Romero family are Catholic Missionaries, they have 2 little kids) through Family Missions Company, they provide a poor family who only have a dirt floor with a concrete one...this is in the Phillipines where it is rainy and the floors are often muddy and teaming with bugs and other creatures. This program really brings the quality of life up a notch and provides a safe and clean environment that has been proven to increase health, school test scores and family unity.
It's only $70 per floor and you receive a picture of the family and their new floor and the family prays for you....WOW!!

The Pardilio Family received one of the first floors.....and they helped to install it...even the littlest children help bring water to mix with the concrete.
Sammy, Lindsey, Evageline and Anders Romero

True joy!


  1. Very cool! I'll have to look into that fashion angels thing for Alaina. That mission project sounds like a neat deal!

  2. Erika, you can order those on Amazon...for @$10.