Monday, January 21, 2013

Winter Days

A peaceful nap....despite the noise surrounding him. We have survived along with the rest of seems...the nasty cold/cough flu bug...Gregory developed a secondary battle of RSV, he was suctioned at the hospital and amazingly recovered almost immediately....although he hated it, it helped him tremendously. Most of these pics are of Gregory since we are all mooning over him since he was born.

"It didn't work, Mom." Charlie took the parachute guy off his parachute and attempted a jump from the stairs.
As you can see there is no appointed season for shorts at our house.

Gregory has discovered himself in mirrors lately...he babbles to himself.

Our niece gave us a little light up lamb and Gregory loves to "make eyes" at it.

Gregory's been pushing himself up a bit, he has yet to roll over. A typical sight: Gregory has a faithful audience of siblings.

We got out the "jumpy" and although it only gives me @ 5 minute break...Hey! It's 5 minutes!

Don received an espresso machine(from me) for Christmas and we have been enjoying trying to navigate the latte/ cappuccino world.
Any milk frothing advice????


  1. coffee advice: practice, practice, practice:)

  2. Love the picture of Charlie with the parachute!
    And, of course, the Gregory pictures!

  3. Emily, I need more specific advice...practicing something the wrong way doesn't make it better;)