Wednesday, January 23, 2013

DIY Disaster
 We have slowly been renovating our downstairs bathroom, I really wanted to nuetralize the space to give it a more grown up look since this also serves as our guest bath. We painted the walls chocolate with leftover kitchen paint, switched out the rugs, and found a great vanity from Lowe's for only $159 on sale. I love how it makes the house seem more cohesive.

Vanity close-up
sink close-up
 So, after oohing and aahhhing over our new bathroom, Noah yells up from the basement, "Oh hey, Dad, there's like water running from somewhere and the floor is floating." $227 later we discovered, thanks to the plumber, that we had knicked the pipe in the wall when we were screwing in the new vanity. Sometimes, I think I should leave well enough alone!!!

We replaced the basement flooring last year with laminate, we only have a few rows to replace.

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  1. Oh that just STINKS! The bathroom looks beautiful though!