Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Picture Drama

So, every year we try to take a family Christmas picture. This is just one of the examples of the fiasco complete with 2 kids crying, one child didn't want to wear what I had chosen...not even for 5 minutes and one wouldn't hold still and kept jumping around. It wasn't helpful that I was a super grinch about it.
I didn't even want to send out cards with our end results. We took a few days off.

Then I told the kids to put on something they liked and meet me by the tree. This time only taking 1 at a time, we had success....and even had fun!! I can't believe how much they have grown in a year! I was able to make an inexpensive collage with all our pics...and even got a discount. I love Walgreens!!
Noah 15
Jonah 13

Elijah 9
Benny 6

Hannah 11

Charlie 4
Don and Debi ageless
In case you were wondering, we used the pic of Gregory below...just because I love it so!


  1. What a great looking family! And you look wonderful for having just given birth!! I never look that good right after! Lol!

  2. Well Roxaline, he's almost 3 months old...but thanks! I still have plenty of weight to take off still....sigh

  3. Oh goodness, totally identify, only minus a couple kids.

  4. Debi! I am so glad to "see" you back! Congratulations on the birth of Gregory! All your kids are getting so big :)