Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Parental Rights Overruled

Overruled Movie

This is scary terrifying.

Educational Entertainment

Don's parents are "Card Party" people. They travel in packs and rotate parties at different houses throughout the year. They even asked us if we wanted a card table as our wedding gift.(we politely declined) Although, the older I get, the more card games appeal to me. This has also rubbed off on my kids.

After Thanksgiving dinner at Don's parents' house, we sat around the table passing the time with cards.
It dawned on me as I watched the kids "do the math" to figure out 21 and using skills of deduction to play their best hand at Dr. Pepper, this is educational. We also played UNO, which is the perfect game for younger tots just learning their numbers and colors.
Go Fish, Slap Jack, Take-Away, and Memory are also easy to do with a regular deck of cards.
I found a LIST of cards games for should be a great "deal" of fun learning these;)
Head's up, Dollartree has a 2 pack of cards..$1. A great affordable Christmas gift would be a list of games with instructions printed out with a deck of cards.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Friday, November 25, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree?

Price: $242.98

Review on Sams Club online:
"This is the greatest Christmas tree I have ever bought, and I can't get over the price. The quality is amazing and not what you would expect for a low price. The lighting is perfect and the set up was easy. I have recommended this tree to everyone I know."

So, where do you put the star?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

10 Strange Facts About Me

I was hoping to share these...while secretly hoping to learn more about YOU! Shhhh! Please reply with your 10 strange facts.

  1. I hate to drive somewhere I haven't been before..I print out maps and the works...Yes, we do have a GPS...but I hate having to program it.
  2. I have 3 awesome brothers, but I've always dreamed about having a sister.
  3. I almost died when I was 9, I had to have an emergency appendectomy. It was the most painful thing I have lived through...even more so than all 6 of my natural childbirths combined.
  4. When I fantasize, it's often about traveling and planning vacations for my family.
  5. I was asked when I was 20 to "have lunch" by a cosmetics director for a national company to discuss a modeling contract. I declined.
  6. I have an Interior Decorator's diploma that I earned through correspondence school with a Design school in Atlanta, it took me 2 years.
  7. I threw away my all my educational certificates and diplomas 11 years ago because I never thought I would use them again. I do regret doing that.
  8.  I HATE the sound of clinking dishes.
  9. My paternal grandparents also had six children, 5 boys and 1 girl. My maternal grandparents had 6 children, 4 girls and 2 boys.
  10. Everytime I see a falling star, I wish to go to Heaven.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nuetral Nirvana

I found this redo on Home Sweet & Savory. I like that this bathroom would be realistic for Don and I to implement...for the most part.

We would not tile around our tub because it has a surround and we can't justify the expense of it.
But I love the sink and tile and our floor is very similar already.
I love her attention to detail! Everything so simple, yet elegant in an updated style, but still it's very traditional and nuetral.

Isn't this the coolest art piece? She just took wooden flowers hot glued them onto wooden frames and showcased it on an art canvas. I love it! It brings in a natural element while still maintaining the hue.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Crazy November

November Birthday club on Halloween

We have 2 months out of the year when it's crazy birthday time. November is one of those months, January is the other.
Eli, Benny, and Charlie all have birthdays within 10 days of each other starting November 7th and ending November 17th.

Combination birthday party with relatives. Birthday donuts!
 As we were in the midst of celebrations, Eli did something very sweet for Charlie.

Since we moved into our house almost exactly 1 1/2 years ago, Charlie has made a friend at our Dillons store just a few blocks away from our house.

Every time we go to Dillons, Charlie has to go to his special aisle to visit his friend. He would hold him, talk to him, and then tell him "goodbye".

Charlie's Big 3 Day!

On Charlie's birthday, Eli decided to do something very sweet. He used his own birthday money to buy Charlie his friend.
A sweet big brother with Charlie and his friend, a pull-string puppy.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kirby Frustration

While Don worked his way through college, he was employed as a maintenance guy at an apartment complex. It was in this line of work, he fell in love. She was everything he dreamed of, versatile, hard working, dependable, and she could suck the dirt out of the carpet from beneath the carpet pad. Her name was Kirby and she was from the vacuum family. Unfortunately, when he obtained a better career, she was left behind. Until his wife, understanding his love and hearing repeatedly about this relationship, decides he should be reunited with Kirby. Happiness reigned in the Kingdom of Rohr once Kirby was happily home.

As the wife in this story, let me tell you how I feel. Yes, Kirby is hard working, dependable, and she sucks really well. However, she also comes in like a thousand pieces, she's heavy...really heavy, and that makes it super inconvenient living in a quad level house.

Sometimes, I just want to clean up a small crumb mess...quick. I don't want to have to assemble a vacuum like a giant Lego project(seriously it comes with a college level course on DVD so you can learn how to assemble it), pick the heavy thing up and haul it up the stairs. I'm all for high quality products, don't get me wrong, but I also crave simplicity, ease of use, and quick and ready to go products.
The greatest frustration of all is, I can't even assemble it myself, I have to ask the kids to do it for me! However sad and embarrassing that may be, it's true. You see, I failed the college level DVD assembly course.

 Do you love your vacuum??

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Homeschool Pet Peeves

  1. The kids eat all day long, I'm constantly kicking them out of the kitchen.
  2. Finding books everywhere...and I do mean everywhere!
  3. If the kids don't get it, I can't blame the teacher.
  4. The dining room table looks like a paper factory.
  5. The kids don't care if they wear matching clothes or not...but I do!
  6. The principal takes bribes and plays favorites.(maybe this shouldn't be on this list;)
  7. Our house actually looks like 8 people live in it.
  8. I can never find any writing stinks to have jot down a quick note with lip liner or a broken crayon.
  9. When I tell the kids to line-up, they just stare blankly at me.
  10. There are no lunch ladies that prepare lunch, serve it, and clean up the mess.
P.S. When I asked the kids what their homeschool pet-peeves were, they said, "There aren't any."
So I guess it's just me;)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Bathroom Inspiration

This winter Don and I are going to tackle the "ugly" bathroom upstairs. Once again, I have turned to our local MLS to get ideas and inspiration. All these bathrooms are from homes in the Wichita area for @ $500K. 

I love the shape of this counter and the under mount sink
 is a dream....that might not happen for us.

I like the color of this granite.

There isn't anything I don't like about this bathroom!

Do you have preference?? I am hoping to redo our bathroom for less than $200...let's see if we can stick to that!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

*UPDATE*Catholicism Series

I recieved an email with this message:
FR. ROBERT BARRON'S EPIC SERIES 'CATHOLICISM' ON EWTN. Journey with Fr. Robert Barron to more than 50 locations throughout 16 countries to discover the full meaning of the Catholic faith. Be illuminated by the spiritual and artistic treasures of this global culture that claims more than one billion of the earth's people. Catch the final 6 episodes not aired on PBS, exclusively on EWTN! Begins Wed. Nov. 16 at 9PM ET. For more information visit Don't forget you can watch EWTN online through their website.

4 friends and I purchased this 5 disc, 10 1 hour series at the Catholic Conference earlier this year.
Father Robert Barron, a priest from the archdiocese of Chicago, has released a series of videos on our Catholic faith. If you get a chance to see these or purchase them, I would highly recommend it.

We have watched about half of them, and we have been so captivated. They are beautifully shot, simple in dialogue, and rich in scripture. The series takes us across the globe and gives us the true sense of the term Catholic/Universal, making us feel that connection in faith to our brothers and sisters in Christ. I love that Fr. Barron says that the "church is more than just a community, it is a living organism."

Wouldn't it be great for every parish to play these 1X per month along with a potluck dinner and a chance to visit and discuss them? I believe them to be a wonderful source of evangelization. Click here to watch trailers.

I absolutely head over heels, love my Lord and faith and this is definitely enriching and deepening that love. I have to say that watching these makes me feel very thankful that God allowed me to be born into the one true faith....I often tell my convert friends that God allowed this because He knew I wasn't smart enough to figure it out on my own;)

Friday, November 4, 2011

A Challenge for Life

This summer at the Midwest Catholic Family Conference, I was blessed to hear Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood director speak for life. Although at times, her testimony was very disturbing, she made an excellent point. She challenged us, "So what are you doing for life?"

I  have been thinking about that question ever since.

Recently, a good friend told me she going to pray at Planned Parenthood in conjunction with 40 Days for Life. I told her I would go with her. So we packed up the kids and drove to E. Central and prayed silently kneeling. We had no signs, just bowed heads, tears streaming as we prayed the sorrowful mysteries.

For both of us, this was our first time praying in front of a facility. Our family usually stands with our signs every year for the life chain, and usually we see lots of support in the form of waves, honks, and even a few cheers....and yes, the occasional rude gesture, but over the years, those have been rare.

Today, we had nothing to hold up and display. It wasn't the experience I was expecting. First, a group of teenagers strolled by pointing and laughing...we just kept on praying. We had completed the rosary, my friend had to leave, and had hit the half-way mark on the divine mercy chaplet. A man approached us and began speaking loudly and pointing at us in slurred speech. I smiled and nodded in acknowledgement of him. I wasn't worried, but once he began yelling, we finished the chaplet and decided it was time to leave. We were only there a half hour. It seems like a pretty pathetic beginning for us, but we will return... However, I feel like it's best to have at least 2 adults present, for safety reasons.

I am ashamed to say, I haven't ever really been active in any pro-life activities that have taken me out of my comfort zone.
I could go on and on about what I have failed to do, but that accomplishes nothing. I won't wallow, I will instead try to do God's will.

 It wasn't easy to be without a group and to be mocked and yelled at, but that was nothing compared to what our precious Lord endured during His passion, or the suffering of helpless tiny babies fighting for life. 

I can see why this isn't a "popular" activity.
But, it is a necessary one.  

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Million Dollar Kitchens

One of my favorite pastimes is checking out our local housing market.
These kitchens are found in $1 million+ homes right here in Wichita.
Whenever I am stumped about decorating, I glean lots of great ideas this way.

I can't even imagine paying a million plus for any house...even if I could afford it! It is fun to have a look, though. Which one would you like to whip up a meal in??

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Few Read-Alouds

I wanted to share a few of the "hits" our children have loved during read-aloud time.
Disclaimer: Most of my kiddos don't actually enjoy these books until they are 5 and up...Don usually takes Charlie out of the room while I read, otherwise, nobody can hear.

These are books that I have read more than 1 time...I know I posted these in an accumulative book post before, but these 3 are worthy of their own post.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these books, every time I read them, the kids start to behave in a more loving way towards each other.
I have felt the need to reread these books lately, and once again, the love has returned!

What's great is that each story is super 4 pages and at the end there is usually a reference to the catechism of the Catholic Church or a scripture or both and then 3-4 questions about the story for further discussion on the virtue kids really enjoy this part.

Oh, Narnia the Complete Chronicles, how do we love much that your cover has fallen off! There are 7 books contained in the complete chronicles which makes it easy not to have to search for a missing volume...I guess that also means if you misplace the 1 book, you've lost them all! Ha! It is hard to misplace, however, it's quite large!I am reading the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe for the 3rd time! The others I have read at least 2X as well.
C.S. Lewis has a knack of seducing the reader that propels them to keep reading...which also makes it difficult to stop after each chapter! The kids beg me..."You can't stop there, Mom!! I mean, how are we supposed to know what happens next?? You can't just keep us hanging, Mom! Please!!!!!  Just 1 more chapter...please?!?!"
My favorite book is the Voyage of the Dawn Treader...I know that I am the dragon in that story, and I have quite a few more layers of scales than Eustace;)

Anyway, you just can't go wrong with these 3 selections!
Happy Reading!!