Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Educational Entertainment

Don's parents are "Card Party" people. They travel in packs and rotate parties at different houses throughout the year. They even asked us if we wanted a card table as our wedding gift.(we politely declined) Although, the older I get, the more card games appeal to me. This has also rubbed off on my kids.

After Thanksgiving dinner at Don's parents' house, we sat around the table passing the time with cards.
It dawned on me as I watched the kids "do the math" to figure out 21 and using skills of deduction to play their best hand at Dr. Pepper, this is educational. We also played UNO, which is the perfect game for younger tots just learning their numbers and colors.
Go Fish, Slap Jack, Take-Away, and Memory are also easy to do with a regular deck of cards.
I found a LIST of cards games for should be a great "deal" of fun learning these;)
Head's up, Dollartree has a 2 pack of cards..$1. A great affordable Christmas gift would be a list of games with instructions printed out with a deck of cards.

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