Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nuetral Nirvana

I found this redo on Home Sweet & Savory. I like that this bathroom would be realistic for Don and I to implement...for the most part.

We would not tile around our tub because it has a surround and we can't justify the expense of it.
But I love the sink and tile and our floor is very similar already.
I love her attention to detail! Everything so simple, yet elegant in an updated style, but still it's very traditional and nuetral.

Isn't this the coolest art piece? She just took wooden flowers hot glued them onto wooden frames and showcased it on an art canvas. I love it! It brings in a natural element while still maintaining the hue.


  1. yes, i love the look of this as well.

  2. this is very nice. It's relaxing and simple. I think you guys could definitely do this!