Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kirby Frustration

While Don worked his way through college, he was employed as a maintenance guy at an apartment complex. It was in this line of work, he fell in love. She was everything he dreamed of, versatile, hard working, dependable, and she could suck the dirt out of the carpet from beneath the carpet pad. Her name was Kirby and she was from the vacuum family. Unfortunately, when he obtained a better career, she was left behind. Until his wife, understanding his love and hearing repeatedly about this relationship, decides he should be reunited with Kirby. Happiness reigned in the Kingdom of Rohr once Kirby was happily home.

As the wife in this story, let me tell you how I feel. Yes, Kirby is hard working, dependable, and she sucks really well. However, she also comes in like a thousand pieces, she's heavy...really heavy, and that makes it super inconvenient living in a quad level house.

Sometimes, I just want to clean up a small crumb mess...quick. I don't want to have to assemble a vacuum like a giant Lego project(seriously it comes with a college level course on DVD so you can learn how to assemble it), pick the heavy thing up and haul it up the stairs. I'm all for high quality products, don't get me wrong, but I also crave simplicity, ease of use, and quick and ready to go products.
The greatest frustration of all is, I can't even assemble it myself, I have to ask the kids to do it for me! However sad and embarrassing that may be, it's true. You see, I failed the college level DVD assembly course.

 Do you love your vacuum??


  1. We have a Kenmore from Sears that I really like a whole lot. It is a bit heavy, but not terrible. But then, I just have the main level to vacuum and do the basement only once a month or so so hauling it up and down isn't really a big issue. But the hose/canister feature is already attached, so there is very little assembly when I want to, say, vacuum our kitchen hard floors or a small or large mess or the stairs or something. Overall I would definitely recommend our vacuum.

  2. I have a Rainbow right now which I feel the same way as you do. I love how it cleans but I HATE putting it together if I want a quick clean up. I had a Dyson before and liked the ease of use but didn't think it cleaned as well. I don't know maybe I need TWO vacuums!

  3. You know, I am a bit weird. I am in love with my in-laws vacuum. Yes indeedy an eight pound Oreck. LOVE it!!! I migtht ask them to will it to me. I.KID.YOU.NOT.


    I haven't seen much of you. HOw are you?

  4. We got a new Hoover a few months ago, and I LOVE it! It's quieter than our old Hoover, and very light. We were considering a dyson, but I was afraid to get a brand that I hadn't tried out (you can't just spill stuff in the store and try them out, can you?) and the Hoover was under 1/2 the cost.

  5. Thanks for the tips everyone! Maybe I'll be on the lookout for a good used vacuum or something affordable.

    Monica, I really miss our ranch house, it was much easier to deal with Kirby there.

    Roxaline, I never heard of a Rainbow vacuum it colorful?

    Josette, you are hilarious!!!

    Mary, no you can't!!