Thursday, November 3, 2011

Million Dollar Kitchens

One of my favorite pastimes is checking out our local housing market.
These kitchens are found in $1 million+ homes right here in Wichita.
Whenever I am stumped about decorating, I glean lots of great ideas this way.

I can't even imagine paying a million plus for any house...even if I could afford it! It is fun to have a look, though. Which one would you like to whip up a meal in??


  1. HA! My hubby and I have the same hobby. ;-D OF the three, I like the middle one the best I think. The top one is nice but the floor and light fixtures are a little weird, and the bottom one is just too much wood that is all similar in color.

  2. Not even talking about design, just function, I want the double oven in the first one, the range and island/eating bar in the second and the two sinks in the third! I prefer the layout of the third one though, and the flooring in the second one. I had better just stick with the kitchen I have since I can't make up my mind ;D

  3. Monica, Don and I used to go on "dates" to the Parade of Homes...but we haven't done that in forever!! I agree on your choice..can't go wrong with 2 islands! And I am in love with that door under the candelabra!

  4. Elizabeth...I too would love a double oven! What is that flooring in the second one?'s absolutely gorgeous!

  5. I would guess some sort of porcelain tile. It is very pretty. I like wood floors, but only when they are contrasting to the cabinetry. When you have floors the same color as the cabinetry and trim and such, it begins looking like a treehouse. ;-D