Friday, April 15, 2011

When You're the Mom

When you're the Mom, you turn invisible
But your children become the moon and stars,
When you're the Mom, no one bakes you a cake for your birthday
But you get sweet handmade cards colored with love,
When you're the Mom, most people forget to ask how you are
But you get to talk about your favorite little people,
When you're the Mom, it's only a party to you, when the spaghetti stain comes out of a shirt,
But everyone celebrates when junior poops on the pot!
When you're the Mom, wearing makeup becomes a budgeting issue,
But all the snuggly kisses would wipe it all off anyway.
When you're the Mom, sleeping is rare,
But you discover, a good night's sleep is better than any vacation.
When you're the Mom, sacrifice is a way of life,
But you realize how much Our Lord didn't deserve His sacrifice.
When you're the Mom, hearing, "thank you" is usually forgotten,
But it makes you appreciate your Mother.


  1. awww, that really touched me tonight, thank you! How beautiful! My kids are off to grandma's for a few days, so I am feeling a bit sad - missing all these little things that make my life so beautiful. Something to print out and keep on the fridge for those days when I need reminding! God Bless, Holly

  2. Your blog needs a "like" button for all these great posts you've been sharing :)

  3. Hey Elizabeth, I actually added one awhile back...NO ONE USED IT! LOL!! Anyway, it's better to read comments.