Friday, April 8, 2011

Imaginary Shopping

Do you ever go on a shopping spree for pretend?? I do. Sometimes when the kids were little, I would take the Pottery Barn Kids catalog and write down everything to create the perfect kids room. Then I would share the grand total with Don and have a good laugh. I have been thinking about my kitchen and how I would like to transform it with a few things. So, I thought I would share them with you!

First of all, I would like all new matching countertops, since they currently don't all match. These are just stock laminate countertops from Home Depot, but take a look at that sweet ogee edge! I just wish they came in a darker brown color...but these would do.
Next, we need a new light fixture to replace the dingy yellowed flourescent antique.This is pretty basic, but the trim classes it up a bit. Also from Home Depot.
Now, on to the sunroom! We need something to cover the 10 windows and I have my eye on these pretties from Lowes.

Look at this lovely set from Sam's Club! The sunroom is kind of a narrow room, so regular furniture is just too bulky.
The grand total would be @ $2,500....maybe someday?!?

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  1. I'm guilty of this too. I have a binder that I keep ideas in from magazines. Oh if only you could see my house as it exists in my head!
    I think that what you've been doing is really great and probably better than any old stuff you could spend that much money on anyway. :)
    Still, it can be fun to dream. ;)
    I hope you don't mind, I shared you and your awesomeness on my blog today. Thanks again, for your great example.