Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happiness is Free

How many times do I seek things out so I'll finally be "happy?"

If I could just lose these 20 pounds!
If we could afford to give more to others,
If we could take that long awaited family vacation,
If we could just finish remodeling this house,
If I could just be more organized by installing closet organizers,
If the kids would just get along better,
If my kids could all get good grades and high scores on their assessments,
If we could afford to get our children the best of experiences and lessons,
If I could just find a nicer van that didn't squeak when it ran.....etc

Happiness isn't in the distant future, it's today.

It's in the smile of a sleepy 2 year old,
The laughter of a joke that's only shared between parents,
It's the beauty of a blooming spring, happening right out my front window,
It's in feeling that connection to Our Lord during Holy Communion,
The sense of community that is shared in our parish and you realize it's universal.
The simple words, "I love you."
It's the bonding of mothers who share a common goal,
It's the thrill of going downhill after a seemingly difficult uphill bike ride,
It's in the acknowledgement of opening a thank you note,
The butterflies that form in your stomach while swinging high,
It's in the discovery that your 4 year old IS wearing his shoes on the right feet,
It's in the wonder of a nighttime full of stars,
The comfort from a genuine hug,
It's holding a sleeping bundle of a new baby,
The joy of a family gathering,
It's the breath of a new morning,
The discovery of truth,
And it's in realizing that happiness doesn't just happen to us, we must be aware that it is happening right here, right now....and no purchase necessary!


  1. You need to publish this Debi. It made me...happy. God bless!

  2. that's happy now!!

  3. Yes, I agree with Monica, thank you for sharing. I'll try to remember this throughout my day today.
    I'm so blessed and thankful to have you in our lives and for all the happy moments we've shared together.