Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vacuum Crazy!!

When Noah was a toddler he had a HUGE obsession with vacuums, instead of watching cartoons, we ordered free vacuum videos...he loved them. If we went to visit someone, he would ask to see their vacuum. He knew all the brands and the differences between the types, like those with bags or canisters. His favorite toy vacuum was a plastic blue one we found at the Goodwill for .65 cents. Eventually, we let him use our real vacuum and even open it up and see how it worked. He still likes vacuums, but he's not obsessed any longer.
I think Charlie has inherited Noah's obsession. I took him to the store to buy groceries and he said, "I want to look at vacuums, oh, they don't have those here, Mommy?" Last night, Don got up with Charlie to calm him down after I wouldn't nurse him again( I have weaned him except for nursing him 1 time for nap and 1 time for bed.) Anyway, Don decided to let him watch a cartoon or something online, but he didn't want to...until Don found a vacuum advertisement. Then he calmed down and fell asleep. He also likes lawn mowers, he got so excited the other day when the neighbor had his lawn mowed by a commercial lawn service and they had the kind you stand on the back of...Charlie was shaking with excitement.


  1. That's so cute! My mom once knew another little boy who was obsessed with vacuums like that. He's probably Noah's age or older now though.

    Aw, how sweet of Don. Aaron does sweet things like that with Gemma as well. Sometimes he turns on JTV (the jewelry channel) and she looooooves watching the "pretties" spin around on the little turntables. Between that and vacuum ads, who needs regular children's programming?!

    Good post!

  2. How funny! Alaina used to fall asleep to the vacuum and Nicholas and James did too when I strapped them onto my back and vacuumed-multitasking! Now they are both a little too big for that but James still likes to try and ride on it when I vacuum.

  3. I remember Noah's vacuum obsession. :) Do you remember Andy and paintbrushes?

  4. That is hilarious! My oldest son enjoyed using the carpet sweeper at the bowling alley when he was little, but he didn't watch the vacuum videos!

  5. Monica, that's so funny about "Jewelry Gemma", and yes, Don is a sweetie...I couldn't live without him!!

    Erika, would you believe that I can't even remember the last time I vacuumed?? Between Don and the kids always wanting to do it, I just don't get the chance;)

    Becky, yes, Andy also liked hairbrushes, right?

    Mary, the videos are BORING, but they love them!! LOL!

  6. That is totally the opposite of Melanie. She was scared silly of the vacuum, to the point that she had to be in the bathroom, in the bathtub with the water running (supervised by a parent, of course) for me to be able to vacuum. Otherwise she flipped out. She's over that now, but it was like that for the first two years of her life. Unfortunately that has led to me having a less than regular habit of vacuuming, but I'll get back on a more regular schedule someday.