Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Free Delights

 In our quest to become debt free, we have discovered some wonderful free delights!!
Although we do pay for recycling with our trash service, we reap way more benefits than the extra few dollars it costs per month. Once a week, Don and I share a meal with our gift certificates we have been collecting from our recyclebank points. We usually recycle enough each month to earn about 4 $5 gift certificates. Our 2 recent faves have been for The Good Egg and Solo's Diner. On Wednesdays, The Good Egg has a $5 Omelette special...our favorite is the Monterey which has, Honey smoked turkey, diced bacon and Monterey Jack cheese folded into three fluffy egg whites, topped with diced tomato and sliced avocado.
And at Solo's Diner our favorite has been the Chicken Enchiladas...YUM!! They had a daily lunch special for only $4.99. Yes, we did have to pay tax, but .36 cents for a meal plenty big enough for close enough to be considered a "Free Delight." Don also loves getting the coupons for the Free McDonald's Lattes.

Another Blessing, is having the traveling pilgrimage image of Our Lady of Guadalupe in our home for this week. So many prayers have been answered while having the image. We are praying our kids do well on the state assessments this week as well as many other special intentions.

After state assessments we usually do something fun with the kids. Last time, we went to Chuck E. Cheese. That's not in the budget this year, so we told them we would take them to the new playground at Sedgwick County Park and rent a movie from redbox with a free code found online. They were thrilled...and so were we....another free delight!  I can't say it's been easy living with a pretty tight budget, but it has been a fun challenge coming up with ways to enjoy life. And it really does feel good when we have the strength to say "No" to ourselves...maybe not at that moment, but eventually;)


  1. I give all my recycling to my mom and dad so don't know how many points we'd get if we did it on our own. Your actually the first person I've heard who feels like the program is worth the extra money. I LOVE the Good Egg and it's been way too long since we've been there. Maybe I'll ask my mom and dad to let me have a coupon from them sometime.
    I've never been to Solos but hear it's good.
    The SC Park is such a wonderful place, I really like the new playground, especially since it is all enclosed, though I still have to keep a pretty good eye on everyone.

  2. Erika, I have an extra Good Egg gift certificate..I'll bring it you tomorrow night. I know what you mean about keeping an eye on the kids...I only go there with's just to easy to lose sight of them!

  3. cool deals you made. I am always a fan of "free".:)