Friday, April 1, 2011

Weird Homeschool Kids

My friend, Monica, sent me a link to an article written about homeschooling. As the weather is warming up and my kids are escaping into Spring freedom, they are happily exhibiting their personalities and natures. There is a farmer girl wearing size 6 overalls(3 sizes too small) with a few strands of Mardi Gras beads, 2 Spidermen chasing each other through the front yard, a camo clad teenager wielding  a light saber, and 2 little toddler boys speeding up and down the driveway on their "roller coasters", wearing pajama bottoms. In the article, the author states, "You have probably seen homeschoolers that seem weird or wearing strange clothes, that's because they don't care." They don't have to conform and "fit in", they can be themselves and still feel loved and accepted, because they are. Their peers are their brothers, sisters, and parents. So if you see some strange looking kids, those are mine.


  1. Love it! And the article to which you were referring was a great one too!

  2. I didn't see the article but I'm sure it was good. I think some kids are weird but they will be weird no matter if they are homeschooled or not.
    Your kids are perfectly normal and they seem to thrive in their beautiful homeschool family-centered environment. :)

  3. lol!!! So true. Have you hard of ninja cowboys?

  4. Erika, that's true...but at homeschool the other kids are just as weird so they don't get made fun of..or pressured into "normality"..LOL! This is more evident as they get older. Sometimes kids think Noah's weird for not having a cell phone, ipod, or for loving legos more than video games, and for reading more than most kids watch tv.
    Josette, that is CREATIVE!

  5. that's true. We'll have to work a lot harder to help Alaina be confident, even when it seems she is the odd one out. It's helpful that we have a good group of friends who are like us and so at least she'll have a group of kids who she can feel 'weird' with. ;)