Thursday, June 23, 2011

Riding Bikes

Tonight, we passed 2 little girls playing in their front yard. The older girl yelled to her sister, "Hey!! Come here it's a bike parade, let's watch!"

Tire slime doesn't work as well as fix a flat.

I love it when dogs try to race us and then they come to a crashing halt at the end of their  fence.

It's best if everyone goes potty before the bike ride.

Dear Motorists, thank you for your courtesy while my family toodles around town on their bicycles. Sometimes, we have to wait for a crosswalk signal before we cross the street. That's okay, we don't mind waiting. Please don't honk and motion for us to cross, just to be kind, because actually that is dangerous because the oncoming cars don't share the same kind intentions. Also, my children find this honking confusing. Thank you.

It's hard to see with sunglasses after dusk....although it still keeps most of the bugs out of your eyes.

Riding your bike is like wearing a fan, it's one of the few forms of exercise that isn't hot, maybe not as refreshing as swimming, but it's cool.

Sorry Charlie, we can't take a poop break. You'll have to hold it in until we get home.

Purposely trying to ride over tree branches and large rocks is dumb.

Sometimes it seems to take as much time getting ready for the bike ride as it does taking it.

To remedy the destination debate, all bike rides from henceforth will be surprises. Who doesn't love surprises??

Lastly, Riding your bike helps you contemplate the beauty of God's earth, which pretty much balances out everything else.

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  1. fun! I feel a family bike ride coming soon here! Alaina has been asking to go for a while now...we try to avoid crossings for those same reasons and yes it does take us longer to prepare than go which usually makes me not want to go anymore by the time we are ready.