Monday, June 6, 2011

8th Grade Promotion

Our homeschool group, Holy Family Home Educators, has a graduation Mass/ceremony every year for Seniors and 8th graders. Usually the Mass is said by our Bishop, Michael Jackels. Unfortunately, Bishop Jackel's father was in an accident outside of Sacramento and died in the night. Please keep his father, Kenneth and mother, Ramona, and the rest of the Jackels family in your prayers. We were blessed to have Father John Lanzrath with us.

Here's the cake I made..I was feeling a little down about the unperfectness of it. Don lovingly put his arm around me and said, "Just think, Honey, you could open up a cake shop and your slogan could be, "Debi's Cakes..they taste better than they look."

Noah's godparents, Shirley and Doug.

Our family


  1. congratulations to the graduate!! I think your cake looks great! (I am so tempted to run a finger across the computer screen to taste it!)

  2. Congrats to Noah! I remember thinking I was big stuff when I graduated 8th grade, and I had absolutely no desire to go to high school. I also had no interest in learning to drive, so I suppose I'm a bit odd. I don't handle change well. How's it feel to say you have a high schooler?

    If a cake doesn't taste good then it doesn't matter how good it looks. We got Mealnie's 1st birthday cake from Dillons and it was very icky tasting in my opinion, and I will always remember that, but I can honestly say I don't remember what it looked like, so there you go! A delicious cake made with love outshines a mediocre cake any day, and yours has definitely made me crave some chocolate!

    Oh, and I love the family pic!

  3. Love the comment about the cake! It looks much better than I could've ever done!