Thursday, June 30, 2011


 Benny(4) and Charlie (2) fight about 98% of the time..that might be a slight's probably more like 98.4%. Someone asked if it was because they are following the example of their older siblings.  I told them that the older kids really don't fight very much. Yes, they have disagreements and squabbles but nothing like B and C. Then they said maybe it was Don and I. I had to laugh as I explained that we don't throw shoes at each other or tackle one another or pull hair or bite. My hope is that it's a phase and that it will pass...not soon enough! I do however see pauses in the one afternoon when they were playing Mass:

Me: What are you boys doing?
Benny: Playing Mass.
Me: Oh, so who is Charlie being?
Benny: The priest.
Charlie: Yeah, I pweest.
Me: Who are you, then, Benny?
Benny: I am God.
Me: I see, so as God, what do you do during the Mass?
Benny: I give my body to the priest.
Charlie: Nods in agreement.

Usually at least 3 times during the family rosary, Charlie asks to pray the Hail Mary. He has a scratchy, sweet, little voice and I don't think there is anything more angelic than a 2 year old praying.

Then there was the time I explained to Benny the best way to fight the devil and he remembered it and told my Mom a few days later. The kids call her Manga:

Benny: Hey Manga, do you know the best way to fight the devil?
Manga: No. How?
Benny: When he tells you to be bad, don't be bad. Be a good human.

Charlie is always on the lookout for unattended injuries. He mimics me sweetly as he kisses the affliction and says, "I kiss your boo-boo, do you feel better now?" Kisses really do make everything better!

One last pause happened today...105 degrees and all. I filled up a little baby splash pool and gave them each a cup and an empty milk jug. For 45 minutes they took turns filling it up for me and I sprinkled them with a waterfall and the process began again...I think there is something to Montessori methods.

And so, I'm going to try and document these rare and brief pauses because they are a light.


  1. Yay for your "pauses". I try and savor mine as well (and needed this reminder today). Yes, there is definitely something to montessori, I will second that.

  2. I love your pauses..."sigh happies for me"..YOu boys sound normal and wonderful to me!!!

    they will grow up to be the best of buddies!

  3. Josette, that is my hope..for them to be best buds, our 2 oldest boys are inseperable..but they never fought as much as Benny and Charlie do.

  4. good pauses, thanks for sharing that your boys fight a lot, not that I'm glad they do, but at least I know mine are normal too and it's not a reflection necessarily on me.

    It's the good moments that refresh us and the bad ones that strengthen us.

  5. Oooooh...that's good Erika..I'll have to remember that...I must be in need of lots of strength!! Thanks!