Saturday, June 4, 2011

Honey Do

Don took a week of vacation to complete a pretty hefty honey-do list. He finished 7 more cabinets in the kitchen.

The back deck was partially missing so he finished it...for now...we hope to put up trim along the bottom and add some built-in benches and railing...someday. Oh and stain it...sigh

The garage has been complete chaos since the spring...bikes were basically just thrown in a heap in the middle of the garage. Don built a bike rack so each child has a place to put them away. He also moved another truckload of sand along with 4 wonderful friends to continue filling in the pool....that seems like a never ending project! He also helped at our parish work day. I don't know what we would do without him!!


  1. what a wonderful husband you are blessed with! That is a super awesome bike rack! Do you keep this in the garage?

  2. Erika, I'm glad you posted a comment...GUESS WHAT?? I can't post comments on your blog again...and unclicking the stay signed on tab isn't working...UGH! Anyway, I love the way the living room turned out and I really enjoyed your post on easiness.
    As far as the bike rack goes, we will keep in the garage during bike riding weather..usually spring, summer, and fall. Then during the winter we will move all the bikes and the rack into the shed so Don can park his car in the garage. I wish we had a big enough garage to fit both cars, our bikes, and our junk...just happy to have a garage! Yes...Don is awesome!!

  3. Ok I wondered if you just had a super big garage.
    You know I think it is a problem with blogger. It hasn't been working very well at all lately has it?!
    Try to post a comment by just putting in your name and email without signing into blogger on the side "follow me" bar. That worked for Mary and for me when I tested it. let me know if that still does not work