Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Coolest Toy Ever..Plasma Car!

Santa brought this to our house.
 No batteries, sturdy, kid-powered vehicle.
It goes up to 6 mph, so just enough speed for a thrill but no scary spills.
It can hold up to 220 lbs, so I can ride it with the little ones.
Tomorrow is forcasted to be nice, so we hope to take this baby to the park for a real spin!
I hear that you can get it online for $50 including shipping...our version is called the coaster car.
(Just ignore my mismatched Santa socks and messy dining room!)


  1. Our girls got one of those from my parents and love it! I really like that Claire can scoot around on it by herself, especially since she's still too short to pedal our trike just yet. Enjoy taking it out tomorrow!

  2. my parents have one of those. gemma loves it, she calls it the "clasma car". it is a very cool toy indeed for all ages!!

  3. Elizabeth, even Benny can ride it and I am impressed Claire can ride it, but she is very coordinated isn't she?? Charlie likes to sit on it and push it with his feet, but he hasn't figured out how to make it move with the wheel.
    Monica, that's so cute!
    The best part is the NO BATTERIES! The kids have so many toys that need batteries, we have several chargers but it's just so frustrating. So we are trying to move away to gifts that require constant maintenance.