Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday Whinefest

  • Okay, I don't know how to "link up" to all the other whinos out there, but here is my version today.
  • First of all, the faucet that we got the "great deal" on craigslist, leaks!! So we had to buy a new one.
  • Then, the garage door opener only likes to work sometimes, it doesn't like cold or windy days.
  • We called our favorite garage door service establishment and made an appointment for today.The guy came bright and early and finished in record time, only to tell me that he's not the one to fix the door, just the spring replacer guy. UHGGGA! So now we have to wait until next week to schedule another guy to come out and actually fix it.
  • We put our Christmas tree up and let the kids decorate it, but Charlie keeps pulling all the ornaments off and ripping down the pearl strands, it looks like someone set up the tree, then opened the lid to the ornament box and threw them point blank at the tree with hurricane force. Fa..La..La..La..La..La..La..La..flop!
  • Our 2 oldest boys served Mass for the Holy Day, but apparently need a refresher serving course..or 2 or 3. We are blessed to have such a patient pastor.
  • Thankfully everyone is over the stomach flu!! YAY! But now everyone is coming down with a cough and a cold. A little early Christmas gift I guess;)
  • After 38 years in existence, I still don't like Math, and dislike teaching it even more!
  • Dear Lord, your gift arrived, but unfortunately, I think there has been some sort of mix up, I asked for well-behaved children, but instead you sent a lesson on patience. What is your return policy?


  1. I have to laugh about the your tree. I have waited to put our tree up this year because I'm not in the mood to battle my sweet toddler for the ornaments.

  2. That's so funny Michelle! I told Don that I wish I could have just put up our tree on December 24th and take it down at 12:01 AM on Dec. 26th!! He reminded me that it was like this when all the kids were toddlers....yes, but I think I'm losing patience in my old age or something.

  3. We were so hesitant to put up our tree this year because we thought Matilda would take everything down, we even had a 'homemade' tree and mom crocheted over 20 ornaments in Christmassy shapes so if she took them down she wouldnt hurt herself...and really all she's done is shake the tinsel a wee bit and re-arrange a few candy canes, she's been good as gold! Still, its kinda fun when the kids decide to do their own thing with the tree, I love yours! And I love your 'life' update :)