Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday Whines

  • 1 hour 20 minutes spent on 7 story problems.
  • One of my children "quit" school, but after learning they would be required to live in their bedroom consuming only water, bread, and peanut butter until they did everything their parents require, their mind somehow changed. Miracles DO INDEED HAPPEN.
  • Charlie has a fun new habit of eating something and then deciding(after a few minutes) that he doesn't like it and then he deposits it in various areas around the house. It's like a treasure hunt!
  • My lips are chapped and they won't heal.
  • I finally found the advent wreath, but I have been too lazy to get it out of the box.


  1. thanks for the kind words on my blog, debi. your "granite" turned out amazing.

    and if it's any consolation, max, who's the same age-ish as charlie, does the same thing. last night, it was apple chunks in my closet.

  2. Haaa! Mary, it's always a plus when you can identify the chunks before they begin to decompose!

  3. Thank you Debi for whining, it's good every now and then. ;) I'm with you on the last 2. My lips were practically falling off and I couldn't find any chapstick. Finally went and bought some and then found the lost one in my car, right where I'd left it. :)
    Got the advent wreath out but no calendar yet...