Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ode to My Flip Flops

Oh my flip flops, I love you true

Yes, I really really do!

We have been through the mill

And yet our love holds still.

We met in Florida fair

Where my toes met the open air.

I chose you from the bargain bin

If I had to, I would again!

$1 is such a small price to pay

For the comfort and style, all without fray!

We stained the fence

Paid bills with pence,

Painted walls

Frequent falls,

Climbed the stairs,

Chased nightmares,

Rode bikes,

Went on hikes(up and down the driveway)

Shopped for food,

You're all good!

Ode to you my dear,

You shall have no fear.

I won't sell you,

Recylce you,

Trash compact you,

or ever forsake you!

When this life is done,

Know my heart you've won.

For nothing more than this,

You were there, not amiss.

Times both in joy and sorrow,

For now we have tomorrow.

And maybe even next Tuesday!


  1. That was so awesome, what a fabulous tribute!! LOL!

  2. Eloise!!! My favorite Brit!!! (the only one I know!) Thank you!!! LOL! I have been listening to too many Veggie Tales silly songs I think!