Wednesday, May 26, 2010

First Bath in the New House!!!

We moved in last week, but we haven't been able to use the upstairs bathroom because of a leak. I was cleaning around the toilet and noticed that the flooring felt spongy and that the toilet was dripping. Then we pulled up the floor(both layers) and discovered mold and wood rot. Fun times.

So Don removed all the rot and mold and tiled the bathroom looks awesome!! The other bathroom just has a shower and it wasn't much fun bathing 2 toddlers in a shower. It's amazing how good and rewarding it is just to be able to give the kids a bath. Aaahhhh, it's beginning to feel like home!

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  1. It's amazing to me how much you guys can do in relation to fixing up your house, you're both so handy! It seems like a fun thing to do but I have to confess I wouldn't know where to start with most things. It really is impressive to see your lovely home coming together like this, thanks for sharing it with us :)