Monday, May 17, 2010

Crazy Carpet Conundrum

Before: With the house having been abandoned and left literally to the dogs, the carpet was in horrible condition.

We tried cleaning it, but it still smelled and the stains wouldn't come out. What options were there?? Unfortunately there weren't hardwoods underneath the carpet.

The estimate to carpet the house with budget carpet was about $4,000.00.

Since we hadn't sold our house, that was out. So we went on a hunt for remnants with bound edges sold at Jabara's, but even that would have been pricey and only temporary, not too mention that would be mis-matched. I know that God heard my plea for a solution....see below
After: Gorgeous carpet for a bargain price....and a little hard work:)
I was searching Craigslist for carpet or remnants or rugs...anything. I stumbled on an add for the sale at the Broadview hotel, they were selling the carpets out of the guest rooms for $25 each with a minimum purchase of 5 rooms.

 Only catch....remove and haul yourself! Easy huh??? Well not really, they told us to come back on a Sunday so could use the freight elevator. We went through 60 hotel rooms trying to pick the perfect stain-free, smell-free carpet. We found 5 good size rooms to buy.

 So we went on a Sunday and guess what wasn't working???? Yes, you guessed it...THE FREIGHT ELEVATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, we(Don and our friend, Nick(I was supervising;)) had to roll it up fold it in half(not an easy feat!) and smoosh into the ancient small guest elevator. That took forever and we were running out of time, so guess what we discovered??

 Apparently carpet rolls down stairs(4 flights) pretty darn well when it's tied up with old phone cords!(only thing we could find)

Okay, so now we have the carpet home and we hired an AWESOME carpet guy named Vinny to install it. For the price of 1 room of carpet, we have a house full!!!



  1. what an awesome find and a great idea!

  2. Brilliant, so pleased for you, great find!

  3. I saw a notice about that sale. What perfect timing for you!

  4. Looks like things are really starting to come together at the new house :) All that hard work is really paying off! Must be just about time for a housewarming party ;)

  5. great buy!! Just found your blog. I am a catholic mommy too!