Thursday, January 5, 2012

Catching Up

It's been awhile since I've posted more than just a single thought post. Our family has been making some major changes. This time away has been an immersion in prayer and seeking God's will for our family.

Change #1 After much prayer and promptings by the Holy Spirit, we have withdrawn from Lawrence Virtual School/High school. Education at home is MUCH different now. We focus on prayer, daily gospel readings and our faith.
We are still trying work to out all the kinks, but we are really at peace as a family....finally. The kids are THRILLED with this new approach.

Change #2 As a family we feel called to share what we have in a more significant way. We are in the process of simplifying our lives and our home. The first step was going through the storage room, filling up the van and leaving our treasures at the Goodwill. This will be an ongoing effort as we have never lived very simply, except for on vacation;)

Change #3 I am trying to be a more submissive wife and allow Don to be the true head of our family that God has intended him to be. This is hard for me as I am a super control freak. Christ be my strength!

Wishing you all Christ's peace, love and happiness in this blessed New Year!!


  1. Wow! It sounds like we are praying on the same things! Re: #3. I will pray for you and please pray for me. This is a really hard one for me but I believe if I can learn to do it well, our family will be blessed.

  2. I am with you on #3. Right now it's not as much of an issue since I am the only parent actually home. But in a couple of months I'll need to hand the reigns back over and I'm sure it will be quite an adjustment for our family. I am also a super control freak. My point? I totally get it. And you'll be in my prayers for sure. Along with #2. Simplifying is so hard. I hope it goes well. It's a great idea for all of us. God bless you Debi!

  3. Thank you Holly and Amy for the prayers! I will be praying for you both too!!

  4. What sort of system/curriculum are you using instead of the virual school? Just wondering - what caused you to withdraw?

  5. Emily, I am not using a "boxed" curriculum. For math, we are using Saxon, I have the kids each reading classic lit and faith based reading as well as history books with a Christian world view. We have totally changed our focus to one more with prayer, scripture, poetry and art. We are also focusing on areas that have been neglected...cursive, geography, math facts...etc
    In all honesty what made me withdraw was the Lord speaking to my heart during adoration. LVS started having so much more online requirements as well as other things that didn't gel with our family's values. We are all much more content.