Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bathroom Progress

Progress in the bathroom is slow going. The walls have been a HUGE challenge needing many layers of drywall mud, sanding, painting and then when an imperfection is made visible through the paint, the process starts over again. However gruelling and time consuming it may be, it is the most affordable method and also the most my opinion anyway;) So here is a shot of part of one wall that is nearly complete. We also framed the mirror using trim to add a little embellishment. The cost was $7.50 for the trim and Liquid Nails Mirror adhesive both purchased at Jabara's Damaged below.

 I really love our new soap dispenser...a Christmas gift... from Bath & Body Works.

 One issue we had after removing the old tile was that it left an enormous gap between the floor and wall. One visit to Jabara's fixed that with $3 trim with a wide base that easily slides into place.


Close up of the mirror trim, it still has the star shaped mirror clips, but they are not nearly as noticeable with the trim.

Good for hanging mirrors and it worked well to apply the trim frame.


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