Tuesday, October 25, 2011


A couple of nice things happened this week that were a pick-me-up to Don and I. In an effort to put an end to my pity party, we are counting our blessings instead.
I received this free makeup bag along with several free samples and a coupon booklet from Target.
Isn't it so cute!!

Don told me the other day(while I was stressed about finances) that he thought it would be nice to get some pavers to go around the landscaping in the front yard. I told him that first we needed to build our emergency fund back up. I was looking at the free stuff on Craigslist and saw that someone was renovating the landscaping in their yard and was throwing these away. We are really happy with the way they look, not fancy, but just right for us.

Ironically, we had just enough, with a few to spare, to go around the entire area in the front yard.
God is so very, very good and we are both very thankful for all of His blessings and the trials make the blessings all the sweeter.


  1. That's awesome about the free pavers! And I agree, the free cosmetic bag from Target is cute - I got the same one :) Your determination to have a positive outlook on things is very inspiring!

  2. Cool! I love freebies like that. I agree with Elizabet about your positive attitude--paves the way to a brighter day :)