Sunday, October 16, 2011

Changing Stations

Having cut out tv several years ago, I thought we were doing better as far as limiting our exposure to inappropriate media.

I noticed however, that when I got into the car and turned on the radio to the "Buzz", the same old inappropriate stuff was floating through the car. I even heard my kids singing to, "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga. Ok, this is clearly not how things should be!

Many of the songs I "liked" were really inappropriate and horrible to expose my children to...and myself! How could I let this happen?? What was I thinking?? The fact was, I wasn't thinking at all...I was just drifting off and tuning out the kids.

I was taking my kids to lunch in the summer along with a neighbor girl, who asked me what station we were listening to. I told her and she said that sometimes they play songs with bad messages. God bless her!

 That really got me to thinking about where we were going....or trying to get to. If anything interferes with our journey home, we need to get rid of it, turn it off, or change the station. We now listen to K-Love...99.1 and there are plenty of other Christian. classical, and wholesome stations to listen to HERE.

We are made in the image of God, what would He listen to? 


  1. We also love 90.7 WAY-FM. It's another Christian station that plays much of the same stuff that K-LOVE plays, but also some great Christian rock. I always feel good about Ira listening to it with me and I really enjoy the music too. Christian music has come a LONG way in the last 20 years.

  2. Thanks, Michelle...I'll add that to my list!!
    Yes, it has come a long way...I've always listened to it in the house...just for some reason not in the car.

  3. Yes, and there's one more station here in town, I have it on my pre-sets and I can't remember for sure but I think it is 100.1. We always listen to CD's in the car (if the kids are with me), lately the rotation has been Bible songs, Signing Time or Elizabeth Mitchell (a kind of folksy style kids music). But my kids are much younger than yours. It's amazing how you kind of listen with different ears when kids are around. We still have so much to learn. ;-D I LOVE classical. I would listen to it all day if it were up to me.

    Have you ever listened to Gregorian Chant? I find the monotonous lilt of the voices to be soooo calming. I like it at home better than in the car though.

  4. Monica, I used to listen to "Never too Young, Spirit and Song" cds, but I lent them out. I have listened to Gregorian is so peaceful. Yes, I too love classical, when I was in highschool, all the other kids were blaring heavy metal as I drove by in my buick playing Bach and Mozart.

    Michelle, thanks for telling me about Way-fm...I noticed on their website Morning Star Christian church, which is located in the old palace theater east, has free kids movies on Friday nights...have you ever taken your kids to those? I just wondered if it was "heavy" on the evangelization or just more of a community service offering?