Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Fresh Facade

House Before

House After

Before the house was painted white with white trim and navy blue shutters. The house hadn't been painted for quite awhile, the paint was chipping and in some place the siding was showing through.
After, we painted the house Ashen, the trim is painted Stone Grey, and accents including the shutters are a crisp black. All paint is from Porter Paints. We qualified for a free paint program because of our location. We still had to pay for 1/3 of it due to the size of our house, but all the paint was purchased at wholesale...which significantly lowered our portion.

 A few of the details that really help crisp-up the overall look of the house include:
Painting the previously painted(white) garage door handles black.
 Repainting the mailbox, adding a new porch light fixture...the previous one was too tall for the space and it was nearly impossible to remove the top to replace the light bulb.
 I've had this little topiary for years and the base was painted white, I really think it  helps pull the look together to repaint it black.
 We repainted the columns and porch post and light.

I love the way the original house number goes so well with all the new changes.


  1. Beautiful! I am really loving reading about how you are making your home more "yours" the pride you take in creating a home for your family is so wonderful and will be such a blessing for your children as they discern their vocations! As always, you inspire me

  2. This is so cool, I'll never stop being impressed by your creativity and the way you and Don have fixed up the house. Really amazing. :)

  3. my question for do you fit this all in? I am struggling just to keep up with housework! It all looks so nice!!

  4. Josette, It's not me! I have the vision, but Don is a powerhouse! He does all the hard stuff..I just add the little details. Don has been on vacation for the last 2 weeks. Oh, and when we have a project...the housework suffers...miserably.

  5. It's amazing what a little curb appeal will do! Great job!

  6. Can you believe the difference a few changes can make? So pretty & fresh.

    Warmly, Michelle