Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Awaiting Joy

Welcome to our home for Christmas!

                                             The Whole World is Waiting for Love!
 Our manger is very old, you can still see some of the prices on the figures' bases marked 10 cents. My Great Grandfather made the creche decades ago. Although it's worldly value would be very little, the heart value is without measure.

Once again, a simple tree decorated with love by the kids.

Last year Charlie received the "deluxe" Little People Nativity, thanks godfather, Jim!

 Hannah's village. Some years we put a village under the tree, but we couldn't this year because of little hands, so Hannah put it on her dresser in her room.

Our stockings are's funny we started out with matching stockings...and then our family grew.....

One last jingle before you go!
Merry Merry Christmas!

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