Thursday, December 1, 2011

Affordable Advent

In addition to our Advent wreath that we finally found hiding in our storage room, here are few affordable things we are doing to prepare our hearts for our Savior.

We cut up strips of yellow construction paper and everytime we do something good, kind, or a sacrifice, we transfer the strips to the crib basket.

Then on Christmas morning, hopefully Baby Jesus will have a soft bed to lay his little head on.
I took one of Hannah's dolls and cut up an old stained off-white t-shirt to make the swaddling clothes.

Finally, one of the kids' favorite traditions is opening the advent chocolate calendar. We found these for $1 each at Dollartree. I hope you have a Blessed Advent!!


  1. My boys used to get the advent calendars from their Danish grandmother. It was the highlight of their Advent! I really like the idea of the "straw".

  2. We have a total of 4 different miscellaneous Advent calendars. For years, we only had one. Last year, we got another. And this year, we got two more, including a generic Lego one that's a huge hit (90% off at Borders last year). Now, everyone has a daily turn at opening the box, moving a magnet, etc. I can't get over how Andy is still so into it all. Does the chocolate taste good from Dollar Tree? Last year, we got some calendars from Walmart and the chocolate was too nasty that no one would eat it and we threw it away. I love Advent calendars and hope to keep collecting them each year after the season is over and they're drastically discounted. Do you have an Advent wreath? I've been wanting to make one with flameless candles, but can't find any in pink and purple. Surely I'm not the only one to have thought of using flameless candles for an Advent wreath.

  3. Becky, they love the chocolate, they said it tastes just like the ones the German class sells at Carroll. Yes, we have the advent wreath pictured at the very top of the post.
    I hadn't thought about flameless candles, that would be safe, but I kind of like the "old fashioned" way just seems more traditional.

  4. I do too, but have a fear of fire, especially on tapered candles. It seems safer if they're in a jar I guess. I just envision one of the kids tipping over a candle and then the house sets on fire... I'd like to be able to leave it "lit" all evening without having to watch it the whole time.

  5. OH, I see, we only leave ours lit a few minutes.
    I can't blame you, then.