Friday, July 23, 2010

Foyer Before/After

Before: After:

The foyer is such a small area, but it is the first impression of a home. We are s..l..o..w..l..y replacing each door, all the trim in the house, all the flooring, painting every single wall and replacing those wicked little yellowish-beige outlets and light switches. I can't wait to replace the porch railing...someday, at least spray painting it in a brushed nickel finish updates it a little.(the best I could do with such a tight budget!!) The foyer is the first completely done room in our house! Yay!! I think this will be a long process...but so rewarding!!


  1. Looks GREAT! The color looks reallllly similar (it's always hard to tell in pics) to the color we're in the process of painting our basement. I'll have a post coming up on that sometime soon.

    Lookin' so good Debi. How rewarding.

  2. Hey Monica, can't wait to see your pics! The color is Behr's Brown Teepee, I wanted a khaki color with some brown undertones and I like the contrast with the white trim. I love what you have done with your home so far...Yes,it is rewarding isn't it??

  3. Ours is Behr too, but I'm thinking Roasted Almond or something like that. I know Brown Teepee was one of the swatches we brought home to decide though! Ours actually has a few more gold undertones, which we weren't necessarily going for, but I really love it!!