Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bathroom Vanity Before/After

Before: After:

This was the most affordable project so far in our new abode. I wanted to explain that all the woodwork,cabinets,doors,casing...ect are in horrible shape having been scratched and battered by pets, so we aren't "destroying" beautiful woodwork, we are trying to resusitate it. We used leftover white paint, moulding from Star Lumber(right now you can get $10 gift cards from Recyclebank for just 100 points...I got 6!) Anyway after the GC, my total was $2 for the moulding, iron piece(painted white from Hobby Lobby) $5 and leftover brushed nickel spray paint for the original knobs and hinges with a touch of white paint on the knobs to show the detail, and .77 cent drawer pulls from Lowe's for a grand total of.....>$10....WAHOO!! It is a satisfactory fix until we can afford to replace the vanity.We also used the leftover Foyer paint to color the walls in Brown Teepee...we like the contrast with the white. The next project is to transform the linen closets in the same way. As a side note, we do most of our time consuming aspects of our projects after the kids are in bed. We like to wear them out first with swimming or like a charm...they can sleep through a volcanic eruption!

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  1. It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful you guys are at doing DIY and interior design, and on a budget too, you're so talented! It's a true gift from God and one day, when Phil becomes a huge successful author i'm going to hire 'Rohr Interiors' to come and do our house too!!!! :-)

  2. YAY!!! I accept the position!!! LOL!!

  3. You continue to amaze me Debi!