Sunday, September 13, 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Then and Now

Charlie at birth and at 9 Months.
His smile can melt your heart...that's what his godmother, Jan says!

Then and Now

Benny at 4 months and at 2.75...

Covered in yogurt....Benny is my personal trainer!

Then and Now

Elijah at 2 and at 5.
He is my soft spoken

Then and Now

Noah 12/Jonah 10
NOW..with a lego they built together.
THEN...Noah was 8, Jonah 6.
One thing has never changed...They are the best of friends.

Then and Now

I was looking through our pics, I just can't believe how the time has escaped me, my babies have grown!! Here is Hannah at 4 and at her 8th birthday this year.

Free Klondike Ice Cream Bar!

Walmart has these individually for $1.00 for the square ice cream bars or the Choco Tacos.
Or you can get a box of them for less!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Recycle Bank Awesome Deals!

If you have a recyclebank account, there are some awesome deals available now.

  1. $1 off any Coke product for 5 points
  2. $1 off any Dasani product for 10 points
  3. $1 off any Powerade product for 10 points
  4. $1 off any Simply Juice product for 10 points
  5. $1 off Purex Ultra Laundry detergent 5 points
  6. Free Happy Baby Organic Oatmeal cereal 50 points

Many of these items will be close to free if not completely FREE! Charlie absolutely loves the oatmeal cereal. Some of the items like the Coke products, can be redeemed 10 times per month! Today we received 135 points from our recycling pickup and I was able to get quite a few things. This is such a great deal and we feel great that we are able to recycle over half of our garbage!!

God is With Us

Every night we pray together as a family. At that time, we each keep a journal titled "God is with us" and we write down 1 way that we saw God that day and then we share it with the family. At first the kids' entries were very general but the other night, Noah and Jonah surprised me with what they shared. Jonah said that he saw God in "Noah when he served Mass and carried the crucifix up to the altar." Noah said that he saw God in a friend of ours' baby..."I saw God in the beautiful innocence of Toby and in the wonder of all newborns". I sometimes question myself...does it matter? Is all this(homeschooling, prayer, etc..) making a difference?? Sometimes it's hard to see with the arguing, sibling rivalry, disobedience...etc.. but it makes my heart rejoice to see the little bursts of light..that hopefully in time will brighten. I hope(as all parents do) that one day it will illuminate the Earth.

Everyday Savings

I wanted to share a few ways that our family saves money each day.
I'm sure many of you already shop at Hostess(Maple & Maize +) and Aldi(Lots of locations). If not, the Hostess outlet has been a great resource for whole wheat bread and whole wheat hamburger and hot dog buns. We pay 1/2 of what other stores charge for these. Of course they sell all kinds of bread, but we like whole wheat. I wish I could say I make all of our bread, but I don't...yet;) Also, Aldi has great prices on lots of food, from the world's best brownie mix to bags of apples for way less than Dillons, Walmart or Target. Another thing I like about Aldi, is that the store is small, it makes getting in and out very easy!
Just wanted to share! God Bless!!