Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Recycle Bank Awesome Deals!

If you have a recyclebank account, there are some awesome deals available now.

  1. $1 off any Coke product for 5 points
  2. $1 off any Dasani product for 10 points
  3. $1 off any Powerade product for 10 points
  4. $1 off any Simply Juice product for 10 points
  5. $1 off Purex Ultra Laundry detergent 5 points
  6. Free Happy Baby Organic Oatmeal cereal 50 points

Many of these items will be close to free if not completely FREE! Charlie absolutely loves the oatmeal cereal. Some of the items like the Coke products, can be redeemed 10 times per month! Today we received 135 points from our recycling pickup and I was able to get quite a few things. This is such a great deal and we feel great that we are able to recycle over half of our garbage!!

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