Tuesday, September 1, 2009

God is With Us

Every night we pray together as a family. At that time, we each keep a journal titled "God is with us" and we write down 1 way that we saw God that day and then we share it with the family. At first the kids' entries were very general but the other night, Noah and Jonah surprised me with what they shared. Jonah said that he saw God in "Noah when he served Mass and carried the crucifix up to the altar." Noah said that he saw God in a friend of ours' baby..."I saw God in the beautiful innocence of Toby and in the wonder of all newborns". I sometimes question myself...does it matter? Is all this(homeschooling, prayer, etc..) making a difference?? Sometimes it's hard to see with the arguing, sibling rivalry, disobedience...etc.. but it makes my heart rejoice to see the little bursts of light..that hopefully in time will brighten. I hope(as all parents do) that one day it will illuminate the Earth.

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