Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Everyday Savings

I wanted to share a few ways that our family saves money each day.
I'm sure many of you already shop at Hostess(Maple & Maize +) and Aldi(Lots of locations). If not, the Hostess outlet has been a great resource for whole wheat bread and whole wheat hamburger and hot dog buns. We pay 1/2 of what other stores charge for these. Of course they sell all kinds of bread, but we like whole wheat. I wish I could say I make all of our bread, but I don't...yet;) Also, Aldi has great prices on lots of food, from the world's best brownie mix to bags of apples for way less than Dillons, Walmart or Target. Another thing I like about Aldi, is that the store is small, it makes getting in and out very easy!
Just wanted to share! God Bless!!


  1. We LOOOOOOVE Aldi brownies. They. Are. Amazing.

  2. We have Aldi here in the UK but I haven't noticed a brownie mix here but their chocolate chip brioches are heavenly :)

  3. I don't know about Aldi being easier to get in and out... with two kids and having to bag AND switch the kids from one cart to the other when checking out... but the cheap definitely makes up for it. Fewer choices make things MUCH easier too. :) :) Just made a trip tonight, actually! ;)

  4. Hey Amanda, our Aldi isn't quite as busy as the one closer to your house. So we can get in and out pretty easy, but you are right, yours is super busy!!